about logiciel

LogicielLab is here to streamline the way organisations run, using digital technologies to add value, We excel in solution consulting, architecture, business analysis, project management, integration and testing services. We provide services in web, mobile, desktop, database, middleware and enterprise software development for businesses

Founded in 2016, LogicielLab works with organisations in India, Netherland, UK, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius. We have clear processes for working with clients locally or remotely.

We are a team of 30 people, including consultants, project managers, designers, developers, server administrator and security consultants. We regularly work with high quality Partners we know to scale should there be the need.

We’ve built our reputation for projects we diliver and that run smoothly. That’s why we’re often asked to take charge of larger digital marketing and software projects.

Our Passion in building websites, mobile application, web applicaiton, cloud services, that make your life easier, whether that’s with a fully automated version of a business process or a user-friendly promotional site.

Our Process

We prefer to engage with clients with whom we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Your Logiciellab journey begins with us getting to know you and you getting to know us. It is through this common understanding that we are both able to achieve a successful outcome.

In few years that we have been delivering successful software application projects, we have found that there is no single process that fits all clients. This is why we use our unique Logiciellab hybrid model. We take into account your business goals and the environment you operate in and structure the engagement to best suit your needs. We don’t believe in fitting you into a mould.

Using our Hybrid process, we have successfully delivered software systems across numerous industries including finance, insurance, Pharma, education, retail, Healthcare, telecom, media and manufacturing, hospitality.



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