Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have definitely become mainstream even between enterprises. However, creating a great SaaS software is not trivial. It needs strong knowledge of multi-tenancy, configurability, security, partitioning to be able to create a true SaaS software you can use to serve different kinds of clients.
LogicielLab is rolling out a strong complex expertise within the last a decade in technology and comprehends the meaning of creating a great SaaS request. We are able to help you find their way the challenges of creating a SaaS software whether it’s on existing PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) suppliers like or building your own stack from scuff using wide open source cloud systems like OpenStack and a vocabulary of your decision like PHP, .NET.

Benefits of dealing with LogicielLab:

  • Build SaaS applications on the cloud using the program writing language you are more comfortable with like Java, PHP, C#/.NET
  • Get a gifted team that has learned developing great SaaS applications in the cloud.
  • Focus on the continuing business value for your SaaS iphone app while we manage the technology.
  • Get yourself a well-researched natural viewpoint on the Facilities or System to build your app
  • Possible systems/ infrastructure that people will let you build SaaS applications on:  Openstack, Windows Azure, Yahoo App Engine,