Java development technology is today’s most predominant technology of preference for building the creative and custom-made range of progressive solutions regardless of their spheres of utilization. Java based alternatives are versatile, scalable, reliable and incredibly appropriate for various platforms making this software development technology an excellent tool for network development.

LogicielLab has proven know-how in Java, J2EE, J2Me personally and Web Services and has Java development team skilled in utilizing Java centered technology answers to develop, extend and keep maintaining desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications. We’ve significant skills in growing Java centered applications that spans a number of business applications such as CRM, ERP and Content Management System by using a variety of Java technologies like JDBC, Struts, Swing action, JSF etc.

We also stand out in the development, implementation, migration and maintenance of scalable database solutions based after a host of Java technologies. LogicielLab also offers tested methodologies and frameworks to build up enterprise-scale Java based solutions that will assist to boost and raise the IT agility, business and quality processes.

LogicielLab provides Java Program Development Services in the next areas:
Custom Java Program Development and Java Web DevelopmentJava Development for Corporate Intranet and ExtranetJava Venture Application DevelopmentJava Software Integration SolutionsJava Mobile Program Development Java Request Migration & Re-engineering ServicesJava Ecommerce Request DevelopmentApplication Design and Development on JEE FrameworkJava Desktop Software PortalsJava Software Maintenance ServicesTesting/QA Services
Reasons to choose Java Software Development Technology
Java is a object-oriented and class-based web program writing language which gives sufficient opportunities for software software development. Java technology permits development of applications that happen to be fast, cross-platform and secure compatible. Why is Java special is its ability to create special programs called Applets that are free and easily downloadable from internet and run safely more than a web browser.

Java technology carries on to support fast request development. Being the best answer development technology for companies, Java technology:

Supports robust, versatile, easy and scalable to keep up desktop, web and mobile applicationsEnables building light and secure web applications using various J2EE Frameworks such as Struts, Spring and coil, Hibernate etc.Integrates with systems such as Ajax easily, Extjs and dwr etc. for high bandwidth benefit and fast performanceFacilitates extensible plug-ins development for the prevailing J2EE applicationsSupports migration and porting of different architecturesSupports migration of your software answers to Java/J2EE platformSupports quick migration of the application servers to Java/J2EE platform (e.g. Apache, Jboss, Web Reasoning, Web Sphere etc.)Offers various ways for establishing a Java structures suited to your businessEnables J2ME-based alternatives and request developmentFacilitates performance tuning
LogicielLab’s software laboratory has a team of Java specialist who are qualified in Java-based technology such as Struts Offshore Services, J2EE Web Coding, Java Web Development, Planting season Java Web Coding and Development of Hibernate Applications. We use the latest scientific developments in Java to aid our clients complex needs better and efficiently.